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While there are no rules in interior design, a careful mix of scale and pattern create a pleasing palette.

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Residential Interior Design

MLM Design seeks to offer a range of services from the person just starting the design process who needs a little hand-holding to the seasoned client building their dream home needing a full scope of design services. 

While all services are tailored to your individual needs, MLM Design specializes in concept-to-completion design. We'll meet with your architect from the very beginning of the project, select interior/exterior finishes, and design and accessorize to reflect your unique style.

You can never go wrong with wallpaper — even if it’s a solid!


  • Step One: Let's Get Together!
    We will set up a time to meet with you in your home (or our office or jobsite if it’s new construction) to go over the scope of the project. We will listen to your ideas, hopes, dreams and vision while interspersing our initial thoughts and ideas. We will take measurements, photos and notes as well as gather any Houzz, Instagram or magazine photos you may have. The goal of this meeting is to go back to the office to create an itemized proposal of the work to be done. There is a fee for this hour-long meeting. If you review the proposal after this meeting and decide not to continue, you owe no more money to MLM Design. If you decide to move forward, we will take the first third of the design fee and get to work on Step Two.
  • Step Two: The Fun Part!
    Once the initial design fee has been paid, we will start preparing drawings and idea boards with fabrics, furniture, cabinet designs and other needed finishes. There will be multiple boards with various styles presented in the hopes of capturing some of those client dreams and visions. We will meet with the client to review the different boards and drawings and move items around to hopefully accomplish a curated look that speaks to the client. Its important for the client to remember, for this phase, that this is your home and we want you to speak into the project as loudly as possible. If you are quiet, we will be loud, but you have a chance to speak into the design phase with direction from us.This phase allows for the client to give input for us to go back to the drawing board on particular items that do not fit their desired aesthetic.
  • Step Three: Sit Back and Relax!
    Upon leaving the previously described meeting, we will start putting together budgets for the approved items we’ve assembled as a team - both client and designer. We will send re-selections and budgets to you for approval. Upon approval, we will invoice you for payment and then start ordering and specifying the various pieces. At this point in the project, we get to work and you sit back and relax. We will get in touch as needed, but it may feel like radio silence as we prepare, specify, draw and communicate with our various vendors. The goal is to order your product and ultimately schedule an install day in the future. Because we use a large amount of custom pieces, the time from ordering to install is fluid (3 to 12 months).
  • Step Four: Installation
    Most designers anxiously await this day… the day when all selections come together and the finished product comes together. We like to schedule this over a day (or more) when the client is away so that we can do our work to get a finished look when the client comes back home. We will coordinate with our various installers to hopefully make everything come together by this day -- wallpaper and lighting install, picture and window treatment hanging, furniture brought in and accessories placed!

I can help you determine what is splurge-worthy and what is not. Get in touch to discuss your project.

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